From the Inaugural issue:

So it is finally happening: The DBT Bulletin.  This publication has been brewing in the back of my brain since I stepped down as the Editor of Advances in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy after eight years. I loved the more casual nature of that publication and I wanted something similar for the DBT community. Actually, I wanted ANY publication specifically for the DBT Community. I envisioned it as somewhere between The Behavior Therapist, Cognitive and Behavioral Practice, and Schizophrenia Bulletin.

From the Behavior Therapist, I wanted the casual approach, thought pieces, the student perspective, and a place for publications that didn’t quite fit in with the mainstream journals. From CBP I wanted the bridging of research data into clinical practice. and from Schizophrenia Bulletin I wanted research articles, the first person perspective, and the yearly supplement with all of the abstracts from that year’s conference for people who were unable to attend (and a neat publication citation for students!). I had discussed this with Marsha Linehan who was in favor but wanted to make sure that certified DBT therapists were involved in the publication. They are. Overall, I think we are close. I hope to get closer with further issues. Keep Reading


Lynn McFarr, Ph.D.

November, 2018


The DBT Bulletin was founded and is sponsored by CBT California/DBT California.


The DBT Bulletin is a semi-annual publication of CBT California focused on the science and practice of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis. Please email dbtbulletin (at) for more information. 

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DBT Bulletin VOL. 3, ISSUE 1

DBT Bulletin VOL. 2, ISSUE 1

DBT Bulletin VOL. 1, ISSUE 1