There are reports all over the internet professing that cannabis can help with insomnia. Not only do these reports state that cannabis can help users fall asleep, but that they will sleep for longer, and will have better sleep. However, most scientific research does not back these claims up.

“People who take cannabis before bedtime tend to get less REM sleep, the deepest stage of sleep when dreaming tends to happen…Loss of REM sleep could have detrimental long-term impacts, including memory impairment. In fact, loss of REM sleep “may be part of the memory impairing effects of cannabis,” says [researcher] Cuttler…Cuttler emphasizes that people looking into cannabis as a sleep aid should remember that it’s not a long-term solution. Instead, she recommends that people struggling to fall asleep try cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, a talk therapy that focuses on implementing good sleep habits and reducing anxiety around bedtime. Unlike medication or cannabis, cognitive behavioral therapy is not a quick fix, but its benefits have been shown to be long-lasting.”

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